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Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to make felt flower pointsettias

After you cut all your strips to the size needed take your rectangular felt folded in half the long way cut the top corner off I try to curve it a little so it's not so strait. I found the instructions on Pinterest . Here's some pictures to help you out.
This is what it looks like after you cut off the top corner . You do not need the pin I just used it to hold it closed for the picture.
This what it looks like after you cut off he top and lower corners
After I cut out one leaf from the large rectangle and one leaf from the medium size I made a template out of chipboard or you could use some heavy card stock too. I use the template to cut the rest of my leaves for the poinsettia or you could fold the FELT in half and cut the top and bottom off but your poor finger will hurt and they will thank you later. Lol
This is what they look like when your done . Thanks for stopping by Angie

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  1. I feel as if this post is just for me and me alone! ;) Nicely done.....I watched a Dexter Marathon instead of crafting! Oops! Great tutorial, I will try it.....someday! TFS!!!


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